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January 2018
In this edition, read about Culture and Trash - thoughts from our CEO, see our Q3 financial results, find out about our advanced technologies for various CIS growing markets, news from our design services, read our 2017 TGS worldwide events summery, and much more.

Happy new year

Culture and Trash

In Japan, many snacks are readily available at the corner convenience stores. Buying “Pokeys,” which are my favorite, and one or more other snacks is a nice way to begin a nature hike or a stroll through a historic village. The downside (along with increasing girth) is that trash receptacles are rarely found along the way! But, despite a dearth of receptacles, nature trails and streets are immaculate. It is difficult to find even one candy wrapper on the ground in the busiest city. How can this be? Easy. If there is no trash receptacle in sight, Japanese will simply put a wrapper in their pocket or bag to discard later.

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August 2017

In this edition, read about the Youthful Mind - thoughts from our CEO, see our Q2 financial results, and find out about our advanced technologies for manufacturing Automotive ICs, our 2017 TGS worldwide events and more.

sunshine through the clouds

"The Youthful Mind"

I enjoy being a grandfather. Every moment is wondrous as you watch a child grow, becoming more aware of the world and their ever increasing abilities and opportunities. They perceive no limits to their exciting new world and I see this freedom from limits much more clearly than I did a few decades ago. They are not hampered by experience and have no perceived boundaries. For them, everything is an adventure.

March 2017

In this edition, read a message from our CEO to hear his thoughts on six trustworthy traits to live by; see our Q4 and 2016 financials; and read about our new SiGe process (H5) and more.

sunshine through the clouds

"I Do Not Know, but this is My Best Guess"

Recently in a review meeting, a topic was brought up that I am well versed in. Looking forward to a conversation on the subject, I queried the person who brought it up. The answer given was not only inaccurate, but truly incorrect.

December 2016

In this edition of our newsletter, read a message from our CEO, Russell Ellwanger on "Birthright & Legacy", see our Q3 2016 financials, read an update on our advanced Power offering, our 2016 TGS worldwide events summary, industry event participation and recent news coverage.

Legacy, What will you become?

Birthright and Legacy

Everyone born has the opportunity to live—to breathe, to interact, to think, learn and to DO, and everyone has something inside that drives them, that they intrinsically feel drawn to do with the life they have been given. This divine birthright is equal for all. Legacy becomes the sum of what a person does with their birthright.