In this edition, read about the Youthful Mind - thoughts from our CEO, see our Q2 financial results, and find out about our advanced technologies for manufacturing Automotive ICs, our 2017 TGS worldwide events, and much more..

sunshine through the clouds

"The Youthful Mind"

I enjoy being a grandfather. Every moment is wondrous as you watch a child grow, becoming more aware of the world and their ever increasing abilities and opportunities. They perceive no limits to their exciting new world and I see this freedom from limits much more clearly than I did a few decades ago. They are not hampered by experience and have no perceived boundaries. For them, everything is an adventure. Every step contains learning and each day is forward looking and expansive. They learn through play and dreaming, with great excitement, while enjoying the world in its simplistic beauty

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Financial Highlights: Q2 2017 Financial Results Highlights
Technology & Innovation: TowerJazz Advanced Power, CMOS Image Sensor and Analog RF Manufacturing Technologies Address ADAS and Autonomous Driving Requirements.
TowerJazz TGS: TGS Europe Highlights and all our upcoming 2017 TGS Events
Industry Events: Overview of TowerJazz Participation in 2017 Global Semiconductor Events
Social Responsibility: TowerJazz Community Contribution
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When an enterprise proceeds without vision, or with a vision that is not aligned to a market need, or one that is incompatible with its actions, it is ignorant of its purpose and will fail. An enterprise enters “prime” when “Want,” “Should” and “Is” strongly overlap.

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財務ハイライト: Q2 Financial Highlights
Executive Roundtable: Mr. David Moss
Events: TowerJazz & TPSCo 2016年テクニカル グローバル シンポジウム(TGS)
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達成感、安心感および 成果 (即ち、成功)を定義づけ、生み出す原則は、ビジネスの世界はもちろん、私生活にも適用される「統一場理論」を形成します。

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財務ハイライト: 2015年第2四半期
TPSCo: Production and Technology Updates
Events: タワージャズ&TPSCoテクニカルグローバルシンポジウム(TGS)
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“When all is well” is exactly the time to be keenly attentive. It is ever so important to have strong, trusted customer relationships which give immediate feedback.

財務ハイライト: 2015年第2四半期
TPSCo Highlights: 18 Month Overview: Process Offerings and Design Enablement Capabilities
TGS: タワージャズ&TPSCo テクニカル グローバルシンポジウム(TGS)2015開催スケジュール
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We work diligently to achieve the highest quality performance through cohesive, concerted efforts of efficiency and align our tools, skillsets and craft to the highest level of production.

News: TPSCo設立から1周年、技術ソリューションの提供および日本の専業ファンドリとしての地位を強化
News: タワージャズ&TPSCo テクニカル グローバルシンポジウム(TGS)2015開催スケジュール決定
Financial Highlights: 2015年第1四半期決算ハイライト
Technology Focus: Design Enablement—Design it once; design it right.
Executive Roundtable: Mr. Gary Saunders
Industry Conference Summaries: Image Sensors 2015
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We are beginning the production ramp resulting from the sharp growth in design wins of two years ago.

2013年も終わりに近づき、 2014年が間もなく始まろうとしている中、当社は2年前に急増したデザインウィンの獲得案件の量産立ち上げを開始しています。この成長は、この一年間に当社の工場に投入される記録的なマスクセット数を継続的に牽引し、今後の好調な業績を実証するものです。私は、成功の実現に向けて当社が持つ可能性と能力に非常に期待をしています。

Executive Roundtable: Dalit Dahan
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